About Us

Hydroponics Kenya is the pioneer initiator of hydroponic farming technology in East and Central Africa. We specializes in the manufacturing, installation and marketing of customized hydroponic fodder and vegetable systems to help small and medium holder farmers have access to a high quality, cost-effective and sustainable way of farming. Hydroponic farming entails growing crops using mineral nutrient solutions in water thus reducing the need for soil. Our modern and innovative farming technology is resilient to climate change, provides superior nutritional value and faster growth at limited cost of input.

Peter Chege the founder and CEO established the company in 2002 where he first focused on supplying farmers with nutritional supplements to enhance animals output. Throughout the years Peter learned that many farmers incurred high costs for animal fodder, and that the quality of animal fodder was often not satisfactory. To address this problem in 2013 the company started producing hydroponic systems that enable farmers to grow quality animal feed at low cost, while also providing them with the opportunity of growing all sorts of vegetables apart from tubers.

Our competitiveness and innovation is best shown through our greenhouses that maintain the right temperature without any thermostat or electricity needed. The greenhouse is also constructed with water circulation system meaning that the water usage is lower than conventional solutions. In addition to supplying greenhouses and nutrition to farmers, we also offers training and demonstration of the hydroponic system at our office in Zambezi, Kikuyu, Kiambu County, Nairobi. We have established a training facility with full functioning animal feed and vegetable hydroponic systems along with both livestock and poultry that is only fed with animal feed from the hydroponic system.

Since 2012, we have successfully sold over 365 greenhouse units, 700 hydroponic fodder systems and trained more than 2200 people in Kenya, Uganda, Ruanda and Tanzania. We are one of the main collaborators of Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC), Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA) and the Kenya Ministry of Agriculture.

Brief history

Animal Minerals and Allied was incorporated in the year 2004. It started dealing with the manufacturing of animal feeds, mineral supplements, de-wormers and multivitamins for livestock. The company did this for 8 years and due to high cost of raw materials the company decided to train farmers to be formulating livestock feeds and mineral supplements. The company then started selling raw materials in order to help farmers cut down the costs of these products. Farmers were able to cut cost by 25% once they started making their own good quality feeds. In the year 2009 the company started making NPK fertilizer. The fertilizer has been formulated according to soil fertility status as compared to other companies which do not inform farmers that they should do soil analysis before applying fertilizer. By doing analysis and formulating NPK fertilizer based on analytical results farmers were able to get better harvest and at the same time cut down the cost of fertilizer by between 30% to 50% percent. In the year 2012 the company in its quest to rescue agriculture came up with a simplified way of farming without the use of soil. The main advantages of this, being: the faster growth, less water consumption, less space, less incidences of diseases and less labour.

Mission and vision

“Our mission is to introduce simple and affordable hydroponic farming solutions to every African household to help them increase food production, incomes and improve health conditions””.

“Our vision is to feed all of Africa’s people through a portfolio of sustainable hydroponic farming methods, creating enduring value, abundance and opportunities to all. To solve the food crisis in Africa”.

Our core values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world. We believe in leadership, collaboration, innovation, passion, and quality. We are confident we have the courage to shape a better future through leveraging collective genius and inspiring the farming industry. We are committed in the heart and mind and whatever we do we do it well. We are focused on the needs of the our consumers and franchise partners and work smart by acting with urgency.

Our staff

Our team consists of thirteen full-time employees, of which ten are located in Kenya. Peter Chege, the founder and CEO of the company has a BSc in Analytical Chemistry from University of Nairobi and has previously worked as a quality controller for two years at Labora that produces human drugs before he founded Animal Mineral and Allied Limited, now Hydroponics Kenya. Additionally, there are three trainers, three individuals within sales, two technicians and one secretary. In the Uganda subsidiary, we have three employees of which two are trainers and one is a technician.

We look forward to your contact and invite any livestock, vegetables or fish farmer interested in producing fresh, consistent, nutritious crops every day of the year to come and see our hydroponics systems and discuss how it can really help your farming!