Aeroponic systems

Aeroponics, nourishing crops by misting their suspended roots

Unlike hydroponics which uses a liquid nutrient solution as a growing medium, and essential minerals to sustain plant growth, aquaponic systems do not require a growing medium. The basic principle behind aquaponic farming is to grow crops in a closed and semi-closed environment by spraying their suspended roots and lower stem with an sprayed nutrient rich water solution. This is probably the most efficient and productive way of growing crops indoors. Due to the absence of soil or other growing mediums, the roots of the plant are able to fully breathe, ensuring maximum intake of nutrients and greater plant yields. Our unique aeroponic systems allow more oxygen and nutrient intake through plant roots, limit disease and pathogens allowing higher density growing, and reduce waste by recycling water and nutrients in a closed loop.

We sell complete aeroponic systems to suit any crop production desired by the farmer. We supply the vertical aeroponic kit, water unit, potatoe tube kit, and the hydro net and hydro cloth. No need of an inert media with this system.